Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Materialism, sort of

Things I need/want

1. A charming tea set, preferably a charming novelty tea set that's not so large that I have no room for it in this smallish apartment. I am open to petal themes, bumble bees, owls, kitties or cupcakes. Actually, I'm open to way more than that, but if I were to envision the perfect novelty set from which to enjoy my peppermint tea, it would be one of the above.

2. Cushions for the new couch that go with the cushions it came with, and the red walls. This is actually a strangely hard choice for me. They're just cushions! I spent less time deciding on this apartment than I've spent mulling over cushion options. Hell, I think I picked my college program quicker than I've selected cushions. What's up with that?

3. A new pair of jeans to replace the only other pair I had, which I ruined while painting the apartment. As winter is coming, this is actually pretty desperate.

4. A loofah. Ho hum. But I need one. I threw mine away because I couldn't justify carting it around damp in a musty box, not something I rub all over my body. Ew.

5. A waste bin for the bathroom. I recently threw away the bathroom set I bought in college from Wal-mart. It was time. It felt good. I hate Wal-mart. Jerks.

That's about it. Oh, and a Wii Fit.


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