Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy as a Pig in Soup

Today I got back from a trip to my hometown to see a close friend of mine. We did a lot of everything and a lot of nothing, which makes for a good trip.

Much time was spent outdoors, and unfortunately, just a tad too much of it out in the sun. And when you're fair-skinned like the two of us are, you get burned like ass. She got the worst of it. My arms suffered some rough times, but her chest lobsterized.

We left her house around 9:30 in the morning, shopping downtown commenced around 10:30, we went to a crafts fair at 12:30, and near collapsed into a patio around 2:30. Thing is I was ready for a nap. Sweet murdering bathmats was I ready for a nap. I discussed the possibility of one at the patio, and heard general agreement about taking it easy. I started living for a siesta around 3:00. It was about the only thing that was keeping me going.

But then we stopped in the market and the sun was beating down and I felt faint and crispy, so I sat down in the merciful shade nearby while my friend and a new acquaintance browsed. It was pleasant and I spritzed my face with a spray my friend had tossed my way. Then a smelly sexually ambiguous person sat down next to me and lit a cigarette, so I cut my losses and headed back out into the glare of the unforgiving sun.

We went back to a store to pick up a print she had wanted to buy and had set aside. I looked around for the print I had decided I couldn't live without and sadly found it had been sold.

We still had to go to the store for spinach and feta for a quiche we were somehow going to make at her place. There we ran into her boyfriend who invited us to a BBQ. My friend told me I literally looked terrified at the offer.

When we got back to her place I promptly fell asleep in a way that couldn't be stopped. It was like a baby who had no choice but to sleep, or like someone dying whose time had come, thank god. I was out like a light. My friend received calls all night to get us to come out to this BBQ, but we stayed in, made the quiche and generally vegetated while we recuperated from our afternoon.

Maybe this sounds like a bad day, but it wasn't. With the right company, these mishaps aren't problems, they're shenanigans and are fun and enjoyable. With a good friend, a sort of camaraderie occurs. It's too bad we don't live closer. She's probably my favourite friend to have a crazy day with.

Here is the print she bought. If it doesn't make you happy, you're nuts.

This pig's expression fills me with glee.


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