Sunday, July 17, 2011

Going to high tea on a Sunday is charming, Harry Potter was exemplary, and my first pumpkin has begun to grow.

These are the small things that please me today.

A few members from craft club have decided to make a ritual of high tea at the Windsor Arms. It's really a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Sitting around in my pyjamas transcribing TV shows, sweltering in the heat outdoors, paying bills, doing housework and all the like is necessary life drudgery. We all need to work, clean and spend money to make it all happen. But wearing a charming outfit in a beautiful room, having tea served on a Sunday afternoon along with tasty goodies in the company of good friends, well, that's just living the good life, if you ask me.

It's a British custom I wish were more common in daily life: tea time. Just taking the time out in the afternoon to have a light snack with a tea and enjoying some calming conversation.

Western life is just too hectic for that, even for people like me who have so little going on. Seriously, I have it low-key around these parts. But no one else does, and therein is the bummer. I'd love if I had a friend nearby who would reliably pop in for an afternoon spot of tea. I suppose that's what privileged women did back in the day. And sure, they didn't have property rights or the vote, so this really is a rose-coloured glasses sense of wistfulness, but what a shame that tea time went by the wayside.

Everything that everybody does seems so harried. Getting up early is harried: gotta got to work. Getting to work is harried: gotta drive on the busy road or use the packed TTC. Work is harried: lunch is timed, work is due, and overtime comes up. Getting home is harried: back on the road or subway, people cramped, you're tired, what's for dinner, do some housework,


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