Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WTF, I'm 30

I'm 30. It has happened.

I got this in my email from futureme.org, a letter I wrote myself years ago:

Dear FutureMe,
You're 30. I'm 27. I'm envisioning motherhood, marriage, home ownership and a better job.
If you're not dancing, get back to it. It makes you happy and confident, not to mention healthy and in shape. You have the time, no matter what. It's a priority.
I've changed in the last three years, and I can't know who you are anymore. Hopefully someone better than I am. A little wiser, a little more patient and someone you'd want to know.
If you're a mother, please be the kind that doesn't get trapped in the idea of needing too much stuff. Don't sweat the small things. Encourage good manners, empathy, kindness, authenticity and imagination. Let your children fall down and learn.
And maintain who you are as a person and don't neglect your marriage. I have high hopes for you.
Good luck.
Thanks, me. Now I have to figure out if I need to change my blog title.


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