Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Solids For Baby?

I think it's time to start Jack on solids. He's grabbing at things and shoving them in his mouth, taking an interest when people are eating and he can hold his neck up excellently. There's spoons and rice cereal in the house and a high chair en route. I've bought some fleece liners to catch the new poop, which will become more foul and malodorous with the introduction of food.

I am not looking forward to that. Actually, I've been tempted to wait till six months (an often cited recommendation) just for that reason. But when you get the feeling baby is ready, then baby is ready. I made the half-hearted joke to some moms about wanting to wait longer because of the poop and one of them, who totally doesn't get me, said, "Well, you need to do it when he's ready, you know."

Well, d'uh. I will, obviously, but I'm allowed to joke about my laziness, aren't I? Sometimes I wonder if moms who can't joke about babies lack a sense of humour about other things, or if it's just infant care that zaps their buzz.

I went to the lake to see my in-laws for Labour Day weekend, and it was the annual horseshoe tournament. I always like going, though I've never cared for horseshoes. I didn't play last year, citing pregnancy fatigue, and this year I bowed out citing Jack. I think I can do it again next year too.

Jack was in excellent humour for everyone. He let strangers hold him, he gave smiles, he laughed, wore his straw hat all afternoon and didn't vomit or cry. Everyone raved about my baby, which I totally loved because these days nothing warms my heart more than people loving on my son. I used to love people complimenting me on my dress or telling me I looked nice. Now I bask in the glow of someone cooing over his cute outfit or telling me Jack is "adorable", "gorgeous" or "handsome", and it's so much more fulfilling.

I totally still love hearing nice things about me, mind you. Oh yes. But it's now an easy second to hearing praise for my baby.

The next trip up to our hometown won't be until Thanksgiving, and it'll be my family centric, as the last two times we came it was to see the Dude's family. I'm really looking forward to it. We did a drop-in type of meet with family the first time, but this will be the first occasion with everyone together. Having a baby adds extra oomph to the warmth you feel when you're with loved ones.

At Nanny's house.
This dog be bigger than baby.


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