Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Chickflickathon continues and it's on day four. It's been a really nice way to end the evening. Each night I settle happily into the couch and look forward to a movie that's going to give me an emotional experience.

I went to a massage school today and got an hour-long massage for $35. I'm pretty much going to make this a part of my life. I mean, $35? Come on. Awesomeness. It undid all the damage I did to myself hovering over my Wii controllers playing Harvest Moon.

Currently what's totally pissing me off is Stephen Harper. The guy prorogued parliament again. Like, come on. The first time was to avoid a vote of no confidence, which was lame of him. If you have a minority government, you are subject to criticisms and challenges of the opposition, who have the power to come together and give you your walking papers. Which is fair. When the majority of the country did not vote for you and your party, you don't deserve free reign to do as you like.

But he does. This time he's prorogued parliament because he doesn't want to answer to the allegations of torture against Afghan detainees. For all his hoopla about government transparency, he's now hiding. He didn't even honour Canada's traditions by going to visit the Governor General to ask permission. He called her on the phone. Anything short of a formal visit may as well be a text message.

"Hey Michaelle
Want 2 prorogue 4 2 months.
y or n?

There's also over 30 bills on the table. He's taking two months off when there is still business at hand, and worst of it is many bills will be wiped and will have to be brought up anew, which wastes time. And our taxes pay for this, pay for what is not happening.

What really grinds my goat is the fact that over 60% of Canadian voters voted for parties other than the Conservatives and our voices are supposed to be heard in parliament, in the House of Commons, and now they're not for two months while our PM sits back and watches the Olympics. Harper won't allow his party to be held accountable. It's bullshit.

There's protests planned across the country for January 23. I'll be there.


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