Friday, January 1, 2010


Today is a day of lists. First, a small chronological recap of 2009, as I do every New Year.

Went to Vancouver to see my family
The Dude graduated college
Performed in the spring belly dance gala
Played in charity road hockey tournament
Moved to the new apartment
Did the Ovarian Cancer Walk
Dude and I threw our first party together
Performed in the winter belly dance gala
Jerry passed
Stayed home for Christmas for the first time

2009 was also peppered with lots of movies, fun times with friends, and other people's big news, like a cousin having a baby, another cousin's wife getting pregnant, another cousin getting engaged, and the Dude's stepbrother getting engaged and buying a house. No big news like that for us, but we've been talking about 2010 being a more important year for us.

To kick off the new year, I came upon this guy via another friend's blog and the Toronto Star, and the Dude and I are taking up the challenge. This will make January plenty of fun for me. As for the Dude, time will tell. Though part of the reason I love him is he isn't a gruff emotionless man's man. I think he'll do fine. I was pretty impressed that he was willing to go along with this. Here is the current list of chick flicks we'll be partaking in starting the 14th (we're ignoring a few of the guy's rules for our own happiness. A. Better selection of movies, and B. We'll be done in time for his birthday this way).

The Time Traveller's Wife
The Notebook
The Joy Luck Club
Away From Her
Love Story
Bridges of Madison County
The English Patient
Miss Potter
Tristan + Isolde
The Family Stone
Dear Frankie
PS I Love You
The Way We Were
The Secret Life Of Bees
The Women
27 Dresses
New Moon
Fried Green Tomatoes
Little Women
Mona Lisa Smile
Steel Magnolias
White Oleander
Terms of Endearment
Say Anything
The Piano
When Harry Met Sally
Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Our main chick flick criteria is that they are movies he has never seen, otherwise there would be some changes in this list to include other well known female favourites. I think we're going to begin with Love Story. We start January 14th. Wish us luck!


"The Dude" said...

Good Luck! :)

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