Monday, January 24, 2011

Things to do in hibernation

Another one of my late-night posts, brought to you by insomnia, the chill throughout the apartment, and the letter H.

Seriously, this place is chilly. And there's extreme cold afoot in this city. 'Tis a chilly time to be alive. We have a heater that runs in the living room and with the new kittens getting used to the place, we have the door shut. This traps all the lovely heat in here, but unfortunately leaves the rest of the apartment in a sort of arctic deep freeze. No, no, that's being dramatic. It's more of a gentle frost.

Either way, it's about 15 degrees out there if not less and that's mighty damn cold for indoors. So I can't bear to leave the living room because it's too pleasant in here. Plus this is where Beatrice and Sprinkles are.

Life with the kittens is lovely. They play and pounce and Sprinkles probably has ADD. We've progressed to being able to hold and cuddle them and in a couple more days we'll introduce them to the rest of the apartment. Hopefully they'll sleep in bed with us after awhile. Nothing beats kitty snuggles in a warm cozy bed.

I haven't been leaving the house much, mostly because of the weather, but I did get out on the coldest day of the year for the Tim Burton exhibition downtown and managed to get filmed from afar by the CBC for a story on the holy frozen shit weather we were having. McPal was there and his stink eye to the camera was captured centre stage. Well done, sir!

I've been doing some online shopping and perusing to find things I want for my wedding. I've found all the decorative items I want, plus beauty things, and potentially a cake. Back in the day I would have had to tromp about the city in the snow, but thanks to the information age I can browse reviews of various vendors and narrow my choices. I've gotten to a point where shopping online has become a science. I've been burned a few times, but with practice I've had that experience less and less.

Actually, I found my kittens on the internet. I love technology.


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