Friday, June 1, 2012

Backyard Oasis

Today was a rainy hot mess in the Big Smoke. Union Station was flooded out, likely with sewage from the sounds of things, and commuters were stranded, stuck waiting forever in the dreary weather for a bus to come save them. Meanwhile, I stayed indoors and didn't have to water my garden.

And this was a small bummer because I've grown to really enjoy gardening. It's very zen. I take pride in my plants. I've killed so many and now finally my brown thumb seems to have subsided. Here are some pictures I took yesterday of my growing lovelies.

The rose bush has bloomed!

More blossoms have sprouted.

The zucchini plant has flowered as well, and gotten larger.

My tomato plant is doing very well.
I keep pruning it to move it upwards.

The pepper plant is growing, albeit slowly. 
My green beans are faring well.
Well, no beans yet, of course, but we're on the way.

My strawberry plant is really large now, and growing numerous berries. 

Like so!

The lilies in the back are getting huge!

My onions have finally started growing, once I removed the soil around them. D'oh!

Is it strange I fantasize about packing up, leaving town and buying a farm? I love growing food. It adds such a charming rhythm to my day. I don't think I could go back to not having a back yard. 


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