Monday, June 25, 2012

Can, Can, Can you do the Can Can?

Today I made my first batch of strawberry jam. How did it go? Oh, not too bad, I think, but the proof will be in the ironic hypothetical pudding.

Sterilizing and heating the jars in a canner.
Little dark, but here is the first layer of berries to be mashed.
Lemon and sugar added to the mashed strawberries.
Brought to a high boil for 1 minute.
After boiling, I added pectin.
After stirring and skimming for five minutes, it's ready to be funnelled into the jars. 
Heat processing.
Ready to cool and be stored!
I bought liquid pectin and followed the instructions, as well as reading up online. I sampled it and it's got pretty good flavour. I'm hoping to use it in strawberry turnovers this summer. The Dude will be one happy man.


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