Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Supper Solved

This past weekend I did Supper Solved. I paid $200 and made six entrees and got six sides. Each entree feeds, by my estimate, about four people. They say six, making each serving about $5, but I think it's closer to four, making each individual meal cost about $8. It's more expensive than, say, a frozen lasagna, but it's way healthier and much tastier.

I went in at 11:30 and was gone by 1:00. There were stations with ingredients, tools and instructions, and wrapping stations with plastic wrap and labels. Fridges were off to the side, where you could store your meals before moving onto another.

I made sesame chicken, yogurt basil chicken, rum-soaked pork tenderloin, pepperoni cannelloni, cowgirl chilli steak and sun-dried tomato and lime chicken.

So far we've had the sesame chicken with garlicky red skin mashed potatoes, and the pork with twice-baked mashed potatoes. It's been amazing, far better than what we normally eat these days, which has been frozen stuff.

We have been scrambling for dinner forever, always coming up with stuff last minute. When the Dude was in school, we lived near Fiesta Farms, this amazing independent grocery store. We'd plan meals, buy for a week or two and ate pretty well. Since then, not so much. We moved from the glorious FF and the Dude started working long unpredictable hours, and then, of course, Jack came along.

Having these great meals in the freezer has been a godsend. It's not enough to feed us for a month, but It's about 12 nights of good eating, plus snacks or lunch from leftovers. Considering how frequently we don't go through all our produce before it spoils, in the long run this is more bang for our buck.

Packages of delicious goodness.


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