Thursday, August 1, 2013

Long Weekend Baby

Two weeks ago we went to the lake. Now this weekend we're going back. The Dude, poor soul, was not able to go, and it's one of his favourite places to be. So off we go again. I'm looking forward to it, but it is a ton of work. We used to just pack on suitcase and away we went. Now? Ugh.

This time I intend to downsize. Lugging around all that stuff is seriously awful. You sort of feel like a pack mule, or a manager of a baby rather than a mother.

I'm not bringing his play mat. It's a useful item, but a blanket on the ground will suffice, especially since there will be family there. I'm not bringing the kettle either. No one used it last time I was there, so I don't feel bad about commandeering it for the weekend. We shouldn't need the Pack n' Play because there's a crib in the basement that'll be free. I'll also bring fewer toys, which will lighten my knapsack.

I look forward to the day we can stop packing the baby tub and the bouncy chair. Those are items that aren't must-haves like diapers and formula, but make for a miserable trip without them. And then of course diapers being a thing of the past will improve life all around. Not bringing them on a trip will be extra pleasant. As it is, I'll be bringing the cloth diapers (Which also means I must take the special detergent). The cloth just save so much money. A little extra labour, but oh well. I'm used to it.

I've had a rather challenging week. Trying to get Jack's naps on track is an ongoing job. As he won't sleep when we're out and needs to sleep every two hours, this creates an issue for me if I want to leave the house. Also, the Dude has been coming home after Jack's in bed a couple times. I've had the sole job of caregiving all week, more or less. It's wearing me out. It will be nice to get out to the lake and have a change of pace, with the Dude there and extended family. People to talk to, different scenery, less baby care on my shoulders.

Good thing I have a great baby. Honestly, this child is a real delight. He's sweet and smiley, and once in bed at night he's a champion sleeper. I'm tired from the lack of help lately, but it could be a lot worse.

Look at that face <3


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