Sunday, August 18, 2013

Roll, Baby

So, the Dude and I had a "date night" on Friday, courtesy of my cousin and his girlfriend babysitting for us. Very exciting. Well, it was more so for me, as the Dude's boss decided they should blow off the studio that day and go to Canada's Wonderland. After a tough day on the rollercoasters, the Dude was tired enough to fall asleep during World War Z. L'amour!

I'm not sure why, but there is an inherent irritation with someone who falls asleep during the movie. I mean, it's not as though their lack of consciousness is preventing anyone else from seeing the film. I suppose it's the loss of the shared experience you were aiming for by seeing the movie with someone in the first place.

And, oh, how fun it would be to hit up Wonderland. I think the Dude is going again before summer is out with his brother and nephews. And I'll be missing that one as well. I ain't bringing no baby to an amusement park all day. I have often seen those women pushing strollers around with sleeping babies and toddlers and I've always thought to myself, "Well, that looks spectacularly un-fun."

It's just one of the little unfairnesses that emerge post-baby. I'm sure there are things about my day the Dude envies.

But not today. I took the day "off" so to speak. I do this every weekend; I take several hours and run off and do something enjoyable and indulgent without the baby while the Dude takes care of business. And today, while I was enjoying a Groupon-fuelled spa day, Jack completed his first roll. Kiddo went from back to front while I was getting a microdermabrasion. Every other time he had pinned his arm and was unable to roll. But today he rocked his little world and, according to the Dude, was looking mighty proud of himself.

And I missed it. You leave for just a few hours to preserve your youth and look what happens. Your baby does something cool and all you get is a photo:

"I'm awesome."
When I got home, he didn't repeat his new trick for me, no matter how many times we asked, so I'm yet to see it. Sadly, this isn't the first time my baby has gaslit me.


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