Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vaccines for Baby

I took Jack for his four-month immunizations today. It was about as much found as it sounds like.

So, the appointment was at 2:00, which meant that it would really be at 2:15. Jack now weighs 15 pounds, 2 ounces. He went from being this Goliath baby to being in the 50th percentile for weight. Fine by me. He's 66 cm long, which clocks him at the 85th percentile for height. So he's essentially a lanky baby, like his Pa.

I don't remember his head circumference. Probably since I didn't vaginally birth him, I'm not as emotionally invested in that one. Ha!

It was funny seeing my doctor. When I got pregnant last year I was due for a physical, but since I was seeing midwives who were taking my blood, urine and such, I didn't see the point of additional care. So she never learned I was pregnant. The last doctor's appointment for Jack was with another doctor because mine was away. So it had been literally two years since she'd laid eyes on me and look! A baby! I felt slightly sheepish.

Jack's taken up shrieking and squealing as of late, like he just learned he has a voice of his own and he can use it. This started in earnest at the doctor's office. My boy, he's got the impeccable timing. It's cute for about 2 minutes, then you start feeling your face burn as people look at you, like your baby's a wind-up toy and you're making these noises happen on purpose.

Taking Jack out to these appointments is a little rough since he doesn't see fit to nap in his stroller. Or maybe it's the car seat that's fitted into the stroller. He doesn't much enjoy being in the car either, so maybe he just doesn't like the seat. Anyway. This gives me a two-hour window of good wakefulness before the crank starts. I had to wait for my doctor and then after seeing her, I had to wait an 20 extra minutes to get the shots, putting Jack about 15 minutes past his normal nap time. That went well (No, it didn't).

There's something about holding your baby, who's tired but managing to keep it together, and then watching his face crumple after he realizes he's been pricked. Oh, the wailing, the sobbing, the fat baby tears. You feel like an ass. I mean, you're not an ass because now your kid won't die of whooping cough or get polio. But this baby has no idea why his mother was holding him and allowed such a thing to happen. Thank god babies have the memories of a gold fish. He calmed down soon enough, though he was disgruntled for quite some time.

Colour me unimpressed.
I felt some sort of treat was in order after that ordeal (for me), so we went to Menchies. His naps were already shot, so I figured I might as well enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt. Go into a Menchies and try not to feel happy. You can't. It's impossible.

The Dude has been helping his brother move this week, so I'm more or less on my own until Friday night. Le sigh. Good thing Jack is such a calm kid. Minus the new shrieking, of course.


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