Monday, August 12, 2013

Jittery Mom

So, today I got to be that mother, the one who thinks her baby is sick and so schedules a last-minute doctor's appointment only to discover her son is totally fine, whoops.

Why did I get nervous? Eh, baby poop stuff. I'll spare you the details. But turns out there's a lovely collection of other symptoms that make iffy poop an actual problem. Also, when we were in the appointment, Jack dropped a deuce and it was totally normal looking, which of course it was. On a related note, I have always had this little fear of going to the doctor's for medical concerns because I'm convinced it'll clear up on its own by the time I get there and I'll look like a hypochondriac.

The doctor was patient with me. I can't have been the first new mother to be rattled by baby bowel movements. I still felt sheepish.

Now, this all meant I didn't go to a mom meet-up like I'd planned on. The last time I missed a mom meet-up, a reporter showed up and did a news segment on the group and I caught it on The National. Not that I feel like I missed out on being on TV. Been there, done that, y'all.

Totally grabbed a screen shot for a souvenir. 

But still, it would've been neat, and the conversation that would have come out of that reporter's questions would probably have been a good one. Stimulating conversation is at a premium these days.

There's another meet-up tomorrow, and I'll be making that one. Unless of course Jack develops another imaginary ailment.


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