Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yahoo Answers

Okay, so a Facebook friend from elementary school posted this link about how the body knows when it's time to labour and deliver and you shouldn't need to be induced at 40 weeks on the dot. Despite my 43 week pregnancy, I still totally believe this and feel I was an anomaly. Something in my body didn't click. Glitch of sorts.

So, I decided to re-Google "43 weeks pregnant" to see if there's anything new to read on the topic since April, 'cause you better believe I spent my many spare hours on the internet trying to find anything that could offer some explanation.

And lo, I came upon this gem, which I shall share with you because it's too effing funny not to. Enjoy.

 But in case you weren't fully satisfied by that answer, here is another.

God, I love the internet.


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