Monday, September 28, 2009

Paint + Melodrama = Ouch

Okay, I'm so ready to die.

That was perhaps a little melodramatic. I'm in pain, I'm grumpy and hungry and yesterday was a small slice of hell.

This is called moving out and painting the new apartment. It's comprised of ignoring where you currently live, not buying anymore groceries so you won't have to move them, focusing entirely on changing the way the new place looks and eating a lot of crap. Yesterday? Harveys and pizza. The day before? Yogurt-covered almonds and appetizers and cookies.

This past year I've grown accustomed to curries and soups and wraps, all with lots of vegetables. I never used to be so into vitamins and minerals, but as opposed to being 20, I'm now concerned about my health in a more long-term way. I actually had a dream last night about tomatoes and zucchini. I miss them. I really do.

Last night in a fit of productivity and bravado, I hurt myself painting the hallway. We got the living room and bedroom done and were feeling mighty good about ourselves. The Dude suggested I go in today to pick things back up. So in my wisdom I figured the more we got done then, the less I'd have to do in the morning. "Let's finish the kitchen!" "On to the hall! We can do it!"

No, we could not. Rather, I could not. Halfway through, a sharp pain shot up my back and when I went to lie down and lengthen my spine (Thank you, Pilates) I realized I was in far worse shape than I had imagined. Now, nothing in life is nearly as satisfying and delightful as a good back crack, and sweet Jesus did I need one. Nothing came, nothing happened and the pain kept a shootin'.

The Dude finished the hallway while I writhed in pain in the living room and admired the new colour.

When we left, my feet also also given up. The arches were burning and protesting each step. Then my elbow started to give and soon all my rolling had caught up to me. I was a hot mess. Pardon the use of the phrase "hot mess", but I've always been really fond of it. But to be fair, there was nothing hot about the state I was in.

I'm not going in today. I can't straighten my elbow. I feel frail and wimpy. I'm going to snuggle with my cats, and finish off those almonds. I'm sure the paint gods will understand.


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