Tuesday, September 8, 2009

True Twilight, Larry style

If you're a teenager, or even in your 20s, you're probably very into Twilight. Well, not everyone. Differing tastes and everything. I can think of tons of people who would probably applaud if some random hobo gave Stephenie Meyer a bop in the nose for her trouble.

But aside from that, I think it's fair to say that this book series and now the movies are angled towards the young and young at heart and despite the adult fans out there (and embarrassingly I must admit I am one) Twilight is for teen girls. And does it deliver. Perfect boyfriend, no money problems, marrying into a family that totally accept her, romance, intrigue, excitement, devotion...

The main draw, I think, is the destined love. Love you don't need to question, doubt, consider against other options. Yes, there's all the peril, but it's just background noise. Teen girls care about relationships. One where everything's perfect and the love is unwavering and the loyalty undying (literally) is irresistible.

I've been watching True Blood. I read Twilight to get lost in the fantasy of perfect love. I watch True Blood because I can relate to love being complicated, complex, and often a choice, where there are other options and sometimes you have to weigh them against what is known and familiar. Also they're older, working, not in high school, and I can take those relationships much more seriously.

Obviously the demons, shapeshifters, vampires and serial murders don't cut much ice in the reality department, but that's just more of that background noise that surrounds what is desired: a good love story and complex characters. Creative language. Some laughs. Intrigue. But really, it boils down to love.

I don't think it's even the high school aspect that makes Twilight so ideal for teens and less palatable for adults. I think it's the fact that love is not perfect, it's not always smooth, it's often rocked by problems from within and it makes you question yourself, your beliefs, your actions, your needs and sometimes who you are. So the leap that is required to accept the love in Twilight is something that in most people is too far, too long, too difficult. You don't have to believe in the supernatural, but you do have to believe all-encompassing, dependent, unselfish, unyielding eternal commitment is possible, and all without doubts, fighting, weakness, causing hurt or misunderstanding. And waiting till marriage. I mean, really.

I'm finding myself drawn to True Blood, where the couple fights, isn't perfect together, aren't destined, but choose to be together out of love. I don't believe in fate. I could believe in forever existing in some abstract concept. But I'm with Larry David on this one.


Anonymous said...

hahaha "after death who knows what happens, you don't know"

Anonymous said...

I knew you were cool. ;)

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