Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Big Day

I'm pregnant.

I found out yesterday, and I kind of sat on it last night trying to figure out how to tell the Dude. I didn't mention it here because he reads this thing. So I took him out to dinner tonight to tell him. I thought he'd be happy, maybe a little freaked out, but mostly happy because he wants children. And I wanted to do it somewhere special. And I was nervous and I wanted to down a good hearty meal first.

So we went to the restaurant we had dinner at Valentine's Day '09. After dinner, I made a coy reference about eating for two. I paused, looked at him and waited to see if he understood. He was eating creme brulee and his spoon just suspended there in the air as he waited for the punchline.

I smiled and shrugged at him and his face went through about a dozen different expressions. But he looked happy and I asked him if he was okay. He said yeah, he was. He asked me all the expected questions: how far along am I, how long have I known, am I sure, am I happy, and so on.

So we're going to keep it and in November I'm going to be a mother. No Mexico, but that's fine. Mexico's not going anywhere. We popped into the grocery store on the way home so he'll have something to eat while I'm with my family for Easter (I leave after work) and it was so weird walking through the baby section with all the baby stuff.

When we got home, the Dude was really quiet. When I finally asked him to spill his beans and tell me what he was thinking about (I was afraid he was freaking out about the pregnancy), he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He pulled out a ring he bought on the sly from a coin machine in the grocery store. I said yes.

It's been one hell of a day. I should call people, but I'll get to that tomorrow. Tonight I can't imagine making those calls.

Also, it's past midnight. It's late and it's April Fools Day.



Jose said...

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J said...

wow, I fell for this. I was ready to say congratulations on the baby!!! Then I kept reading and I was happy when he 'proposed.'

You got me good! I have taken the honor of stamping my forehead with the word: Sucker!

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