Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yes they can.

So they passed healthcare reform in the United States. I'm not as familiar with American political systems as Canadian, but I understand this a huge deal. A vote went down and the Democrats pushed it through. Sounds like it goes to the Senate and then vrooom. Some change goes down.

I'm pretty happy for them. I can't actually fathom living somewhere I couldn't rely on being medically treated if necessary. I mean, I was out of work for six months after college. I didn't worry about healthcare even once. It was just a given. I know Americans aren't going to be given the same great deal we have here, but I'm comforted as a fellow human being that over 30 million people, a population the size of Canada itself, will no longer live without covered access to medical treatment. Cheers to that! Cheers to our neighbours!

I love when common sense and decency win out in the world.

And I found this cartoon, which is all nifty and relevant.

Though I'm pretty sure Smokey does feel this way.
Most house cats, probably.


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