Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hermit Power

Okay, want to know something funny? I just realized I haven't left the house in six days, today being day six. It's still early, so I could end this madness, but I'm kind of pleased with myself about it. I just told the Dude, who hadn't noticed I've stayed in, and he snickered and called me his little hermit. I'm glad he understands me.

Now, usually I go for a few days in a row where I don't bother going out, but six is really quite extraordinary. I looked through my calendar and suddenly things started making a lot of sense.

Oct. 20th, we went to McPal's and his boyfriend's for dinner. The next day we went out with the Dude's parents. The day after that we went to his brother's wedding. The day after that was McPal's Halloween party. The day after that I got sick and realized Smokey was getting ready to die. The next day we went to see a wedding venue. The day after my maid of honour came up and I went out with her. The next day we went out to make a deposit on the venue and then we had to make an emergency trip to put Smokey to sleep. The next day McPal and his boyfriend came over with wine and cheesecake, and finally the next day we went swimming at Buddy B's girlfriend's place.

Yeah. Minus my beloved pet dying, I was happy to spend all that time with everyone. But hot damn if the introvert in me is not on strike from society, taking a little private time to grieve my cat and overall recuperating from the cold that wouldn't quit.

The Dude's company keeps me from being one of those nutty types who starts to deteriorate while keeping away from civilization. But I've needed this time oh so badly. Some people would have gotten cabin fever by now. I've personally never really gotten too stir crazy before.

And considering we're about to go to Mexico for a week with my family in nine days, all this quiet time is probably for the best.

People who don't understand introversion sometimes misinterpret holing away and enjoying solitude as a dislike of people or shyness. I feel neither of those things. I'm not very shy at all, in my natural state, and I love people. Having fun with others simply wears me out and leaves me drained, like a battery in a digital camera, where the hardware is in good working order and is great at parties, but good luck taking one more picture without the camera dying on you before you recharge the batteries. Or something like that.

I have to leave the house tomorrow. I need to pick up ingredients for a quiche to bring to a potluck on Saturday after work. But until then, I'm going to lounge in my robe and play on the internet. Oh yeah.


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