Monday, November 22, 2010

Home from happiness

I'm back from my vacation. It was phenomenal. So good was it, in fact, that I'm actually kind of bummed to be home. I think I could have stayed another full week, you know, if I had the money to pay for it plus some more excursions, the time off, and so forth. But yeah, waking up in my own bed, while a comfier model than the one the Dude and I have been sleeping on in Mexico, was kind of a bummer when we couldn't get up and walk to a ready-made breakfast.

Being spoiled is lovely sometimes. I ate a lot, I really did. Normally I try to watch my portions better. I'm nearly 28 and I don't want to be flubby as my metabolism slows down. But I could not help myself in the face of deliciousness. There were several days I just threw caution to the Riviera wind and figured to hell with my waist circumference.

I spent a couple afternoons on the beach in my red retro one-piece watching the waves, reading a book on a lounge chair under a grass umbrella and drinking pina coladas and coco bananas. I spent evenings with my family: my aunt and uncle and one of my cousins. The other, who was getting married, was far more busy. She had not only family there, but a large slew of friends. We had some time together getting ready for her wedding, but mostly her time was spread amongst over a dozen other people. I can't imagine how tired she must be, but lucky for her she's got another week there with her new husband.

I have a lot to tell, I really do. I have photos to share, and specific things to recount. I'll get to them in the next couple posts. For now, I need to think about getting some food into me. I kind of got out of the habit of planning ahead for meals this past week, so breakfast needs my full attention. Probably there's no scrambled eggs, pancakes with maple syrup and sliced melons waiting for me in my kitchen today.


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