Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kingston Pen Closes and Other Tomfoolery

Well, I could wax poetic about how out of control our government is, but allow me to say something simple instead: You're doing it wrong, fools.
And by that, I mean when you pass an Omnibus Crime Bill (In response to unreported crime, but never mind that), which will likely increase the number of inmates in a prison, closing down a prison at this time may not prove financially prudent. And of course 300 job losses in Kingston, Ontario, since Kingston Penitentiary is a major Kingston employer, which is totally awesome and a special gift for the city which dared to not vote Tory.
So... yeah. My favourite part from this Globe and Mail article is this gem:
"Mr. Toews said the Tories are closing the prisons in part because the increase in jailed population expected from new harsher crime laws has not materialized."
Maybe you'd want to give it longer than a couple minutes? Oh! But lookee here:
"At the same time those three facilities close, however, the Harper government has plans in the works to expand about 30 other prisons."
Makes sense...?
Chew on that for a bit and I'll leave you with something else I saw in the news that really should only be seen on The Onion. And yet, here we are.

No... not in this day and age!
And here I was thinking racism was imaginary. Jesus Murphy.


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