Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You Know You Have IBS When...

1. You don't count calories, you count fibre intake.
2. When you check your weight, you consider how much constipation plays into that number
3. You're not one of those people who "wait to go home" because you can't.
4. You spend a portion of every month looking up ways to improve your digestive system.
5. Your wardrobe choices revolve around bloating concerns.
6. You take an above-average interest in other people's bowel movements.
7. You don't worry about the impact food will have on your weight, only your ability to use the toilet.
8. You've attempted many different regiments involving food restriction, magnesium and/or fibre supplements, colonics, special teas, flax seed etc.
9. You occasionally curse your body or life.
10. When it's been awhile, you start to catalogue just which meals might still be lingering inside of you.
11. You've been given a lot of advice about how to solve your problem from people without IBS, none of which works.
12. Even if you've never given birth, you feel like you've got a good idea what labour feels like.
13. You plan an entire day around using a hardcore laxative.
14. You use advance planning to mitigate your colon issues prior to a big event.
15. You become more interested than other sensible people in Eastern and new age medicines, herbs, and fringe remedies since modern medicine offers almost nothing that helps.
16. Sometimes you feel like you've had a good day only because you were able to go to the bathroom.
17. You've had to explain to people you barely know that you have IBS because it's impacting your ability to work/participate in an activity.
18. When you go through a good stint with no symptoms you indulge in the fantasy that there's nothing wrong with you after all.
19. But the symptoms always come back.


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