Friday, April 6, 2012

Samantha Brick, because why not?

I'm going to talk about about Samantha Brick. Why? Well, why not? She's trending on Twitter like crazy, defending her article (which f you don't know who this is, you'll have to at least skim the link to understand this post), and her unbelievable delusional perspective blows my mind.

I think I'll do this in point form.

1. When women don't like you, odds are it's because you're an ass, not because you're pretty.  I never trust any woman who says other women don't like her. Women are astute. All of them can't be wrong about a person.

Samantha Brick lookin' like
Samantha Brick

2. This woman is not even beautiful. Pretty and cute? Sure. I'd put her about 6/10 on the attractive scale. Above average, not too plain. She has some more unfortunate features, such as her lips, which are kind of ugly when she smiles, and her eyes are asymmetrical and too far apart. But she still manages to be a pretty sort of lady. Nice skin, nice hair, good nose, pleasant figure. She's probably one of the nicer looking women around the workplace, and she's held up well in her 40s. But that's about it. Her looks are not significantly above par to generate mass envy or admiration.

3. Women can feel threatened by attractive women, sure, but I have found that beautiful women who are kind or unassuming or modest tend to be incredibly popular with other women. Reason? If you've got something amazing, you don't throw it in other people's faces. If you're wealthy, for example, bragging about it will garner you no friends. If you're mellow about what is awesome about you or your life and you allow other people the time to shine too, you'll be well liked. Brag at your own peril. Other people are great, too.

4. And if you pretend to have something you don't (Wealth, connections, educational background) and people find out you were padding your prestige with lies and exaggerations, they won't like you. Now, since people can see your face, if you act like you have the best face ever and you don't, the jig is already up. Bam. People won't like you.

5. This woman likely goes through life with the belief she's better looking than all the women she knows (I base this on her article and the sort of mindset one would have to have in order to write such a thing for the world to read), and this is easily understood by all the women around her, who probably find it obnoxious and unpleasant to be around. As an additional eye-roll factor, it not even being true makes it more infuriating. Normal people find delusional thinking unpalatable, generally.

6. My guess is she does flirt with other men or carries herself in an overtly sexual way. That would easily explain male attention, why women don't like her talking to their partners, and in combination with point number 5 in particular, is why she hasn't got many if any female friends. All of which is far more believable than her assertion she's too beautiful to have female friends, which again, see point 2.

Sorry, lady. I think, though, that this will really sink in when women still don't like you when you're 50+ and your looks are all gone. It's your personality that's the problem. Tough pill to swallow, but there you are. Best of luck to you.


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