Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 1

I'm young, I'm childfree and I'm on vacation. So naturally, I slept in and have spent the morning on my laptop in bed. I have no real plans today. On one hand that's pretty awesome, as not working is delightful, but somehow I'm experiencing holiday guilt. You know, the kind where you have a stint of time off and you feel kind of bad about not being out there in the world doing something worthwhile with your time?

And I don't even mean charitable or anything. I mean like being out having fun outside or with friends or in a park or shopping or getting a manicure or at the beach or on a road trip-- you get the idea. Basically using my time off to enjoy myself doing things I would not normally do is what I feel like I ought to be doing, mostly because I'm already not terribly busy so doing nothing at all should not feel so damn good.

Only it does. I'm not very Type A, I never have been. I guess I'm not even Type A about fun. In any case, I have to conserve my monies a bit. I'm still paying off Smokey's vet bill, $1,100 more to go, and Mexico, about $550 more to go. Funny thing about Mexico is I'll probably experience the same do-nothing guilt, as I do enjoy just sitting by a pool with a book and a drink, and not necessarily playing games, surfing, or touring local towns.

What I may do is buy some new slippers. Smokey, in his infinite love for me, took a dump inside my last pair. Yes, inside. I found out when I put my foot inside the slipper. I only have two questions: How did he manage that? And what did I do to him? Anyway, the slippers were so old and tattered that they didn't survive the washing machine.

Regardless of my lacklustre approach to time off, day 1 of booked vacation is under way. The only thing I can say for sure about today is that I may get dressed. Maybe.


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