Sunday, June 27, 2010

Think good thoughts

This really speaks to me. I feel the same way.

Additionally, this makes me love life.

And some positive feelings are needed today and a reminder that I genuinely love people. A group of about 100-150 people tore up downtown Toronto yesterday. And police let it happen. They all congregated around this group, mostly protecting that goddanm fence around the G20 summit, and did nothing to protect store owners' property.

Police then broke up peaceful protest in designated protest zones, firing tear gas, rubber bullets and using intimidation tactics.

Toronto is like a police state right now. If you live downtown, leaving your home can cause you trouble. The Dude and I are staying at home, well out of the downtown core. It just doesn't feel safe or reasonable to be out.

I'm thoroughly disgusted. I'm upset with the anarchists who ran amok in downtown Toronto and destroyed people's business fronts. I'm angry at the police who allowed it to happen. I'm furious with the prime minister who decided against all advice from Toronto MPs to hold the summit in downtown TO, knowing exactly what happens to the cities that host the G20.

Basically, any country that hosts this pointless gathering should have the sense and decency to hold it in a remote location, where citizens lives are not disrupted or put in harm's way, where businesses won't lose money or sustain damage to their property, where so much police won't be required. Hosting the summit in the largest, most densely populated city in the entire country was a massive fail.

Think good thoughts, Toronto, this bullshit will come to an end. Then we'll survey the destruction to our home.


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