Monday, May 7, 2012


The Dude and I got a head start on the gardening this year, opting to begin two weeks ahead of schedule because of the crazy weather. There was some freak snow in April, but I think we're safe. Or are we? No, I think we're good. Crazy climate change.

Anyhoo, last year we were very ambitious. This year we're taking it down a few notches. Our peppers never really flourished last year and we're sure it's because we had too many in the soil, alongside other vegetables. This year? One. One bell pepper plant. One tomato plant.
Red bell pepper
Tomato plant
The pumpkin and zucchini did battle last year for dominance over the yard and the zucchini won. So this year, one zucchini plant. No lettuce, no carrots. And we've planted the green beans somewhere intelligent this time, so they'll have the right sort of space to grow.

We also planted some flowers, some for the shade, some for the sun, plus some herbs. Last year they were  put way in the back of the yard, but this year, they're nicely situated in the front.

Basil, rosemary and thyme
Perennials for the sun...
And perennials for the shade.
There's some crazy lilies in the back there, planted by who knows who.

Last year we planted some strawberries and this year they're flush and happy. So we'll see what happens with that.

I love this time of year. Growing food is really rewarding. It'd take something really important or special to get me to give up having a yard.


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