Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Groupon Relaxation Staycation: Voucher 1

My Groupon Relaxation Staycation has arrived! Including the weekend, I've been off a total of four days. I've redeemed one of my Groupons thus far. I got a facial and hair treatment at The Andrea Olivera Centre for Ayurveda Rituals. Price: $49.

I've had facials before, but this was a different sort of experience. It was sort of ritualistic, with scents representing different spiritual feelings or ideas. It's based on a practice that's thousands of years old from India. I'm pretty game to try things, particularly if it'll be relaxing and will make me pretty.

Funny thing, was it was located within a condo. This didn't bother me; it was a relaxing spot, but I wondered if that broke any zoning laws. The practitioner was a lovely man and I felt at ease. I got this nice-smelling oil rubbed through my hair and my scalp got some attention. The facial was similar to regular treatments elsewhere, though with maybe some more attention to my relaxation, which I liked.

When I left the place, I was red and splotchy. This often happens after a skin treatment, but in combination with my oil-slicked hair, I was pretty scary looking. Frankly, I looked liked a leper. I quickly abandoned my idea of grabbing some lunch in the area. I don't know why I even considered it. It's never been a good idea.

Now, if I were a shampooer, my hair would be oil-free right now. However, I'm committed to "no poo", so I washed it with water only. I got out the comb, the boar brush, and I scrubbed. In the morning, I was still slicked, so I scrubbed again, using my Priya cleanser on the strands.

And now? Well, it's still a little oily. But! It's soft. It's so very, very soft. And the oil is nothing one more blitz with water won't take care of. My skin is also quite soft as well. Over all, I'd say it was a good experience. I'm in better condition than how I went in.

12 more days off, 3 more vouchers, 1 happy lady.


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