Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Staycation Plans

Three days of work until my Groupon Relaxation Staycation™. I have the following things planned via Groupon:
A facial and scalp treatment at The Andrea Olivera Centre for Ayurveda Rituals.
Foot reflexology at Happy Foot Spa
A manicure and pedicure at Lux-Spa
A five course dinner for two at Rosewater.

In addition, the Dude and I are going antiquing at Aberfoyle Antique Market in Guelph, I'm going on a shopping trip with my best friend in Syracuse, and I'll be seeing the Picasso exhibit at the AGO.

I've signed up for six months of training at The Motion Room (yet another Groupon deal. I initially got 12 sessions for $40), so I'll also be working out, plus gardening, plus seeing the Dude's parents when they visit and going to a friend's wedding.

Now, I've talked about what a hermit I am, and looking at my vacation schedule there will be all of one day where nothing is planned. This should be an interesting couple of weeks. I think it'll be re-energizing. I so often feel like I don't get out enough or do anything. I'm tired or lethargic a lot. The Dude and I often talk about how old we are. We went out last week and realized it was Friday night and people were actually out doing stuff. We normally stay in, order food and watch a movie.

If entering your 30s means you tend to slow down a bit, I'm already there, man. I was born 30. But I need to get out more and enjoy the city I live in and get jazzed about life in new ways. This time off will be packed full of enjoyable things that should get me excited about starting my day.

I am also acutely aware of the fact my childless days are numbered. No, I'm not pregnant. But when my period was two days late, I considered perhaps I was. And then when it came, I actually felt a little disappointed. Which is how I know I'm ready. I want to save up more money first and make the most of the last year in my 20s, hopefully go on a trip with the Dude and all that good stuff. But seriously... if things came ahead of schedule, I'd embrace it.

All the more reason to take pleasure in me time while I've still got it, free and clear. I'm really feeling 29. I've started writing my novel, I'm getting in shape and finally taking some time off so I can have some fun. Rock on.


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