Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mad Men Woman

I'm on a dress roll. I got my income tax return and after throwing 2/3 of it in savings, I bought some dress fun. I think I may be somewhat Mad Men inspired lately. Observe!

This one came in the mail today. It is a dream.
It's slimming and total '60s charming.

This is what I ordered with my tax refund.
Again, '50-'60s awesomeness and yes, that is a lock and key charm on the belt!

But below I digress in maturity and dive into sweetness with these baby blue dreams of picnics and sock hops. Seriously, how did I spend most of my 20s in jeans pinching my tummy and shirts I got 2 for $20 that were merely okay? Just look at these little numbers:

Buying shoes online can be touchy and reviews are so important for sizing,
but I could be persuaded to do it again for these ladies. Cute!

This is so adorable it breaks my heart.
And if I don't buy it now, I'll be too old tomorrow.


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